From Wound Mate to Soulmate


Ever meet someone and felt you met your soulmate, your one and only? Did you have high expectations that life would suddenly be grand, only to be disappointed? I’m going to share a little secret. The stronger the attraction the deeper the wounding. You met your Wound Mate! How wonderful this is! With awareness and consciousness, you can navigate through all the wounds that will arise. The key is to not blame the other, but recognize that your soul has brought you together to unravel the wounding that keeps you from living free.
It is through our intimate relationships that our heart opens. When the heart opens to love, what is not love will rise to the surface. Duh. All of those unconscious places where we feel unloved, unworthy, not enough, unlovable, etc., will rise up.
When we protect the heart from pain, we inhibit all of our emotions, including love. When we open our heart, the wounding will become conscious. This wounding didn’t begin in this lifetime. It is a culmination of hundreds even thousands of lifetimes reenacting the same ‘ol same ‘ol, until we get it right. Why not get it right this lifetime? Why not clear out the deep unconscious wounding that causes us to feel unworthy, betrayed, disappointed and hurt whereby attracting the one that will betray, disappoint and hurt us?
We are at the precipice of the New Paradigm, the time of connection, oneness, compassion, same in you same in me. We cannot live in the frequency of the New Paradigm unless we drop the baggage of all our lifetimes. Don’t you think it’s time to truly know love? Join Bonnie and change your reality, open your heart and know love!

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