Free Yourself from unhealthy attachments


There is a natural flow to all life. When we become attached to an ideal, a belief, or a way of being, we limit ourselves and our capacity to be in the Divine Flow. We cling to what we want life to be and stay on the shore, afraid to get wet. This causes angst within our psyche and creates fears and unrealistic expectations. But while we think we are keeping ourselves safe, life is flowing right past without us.

You can’t stop the wild flow of the river, but you can learn to swim. In this next clearing let Bonnie help remove the fear and doubts you have about the unknown strength of the river. She will empower you with the faith to let go of “what is supposed to be” and float into appreciating the “What is”. By opening your eyes, you will be able to see the wild dangerous rapids for the powerful current meant to help you move forward towards embodying your true self.


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