Finding Your Blind Spots – What Are You Not Seeing?


Do you feel like you are at the mercy of your life or external circumstances?
Are you constantly getting “blindsided” by setbacks?
Do you feel like your progress is one step forward, two steps back?

If you have been on an awakening pathway, you have likely been putting in the “work” spiritually, emotionally, and physically. But what happens when you are doing everything you think you should be doing, yet you still encounter setbacks, catastrophes, or unanticipated blockages everywhere you turn? The problem is quite literally that you don’t know what the problem is!

Our “blind spots” are the unconscious and unacknowledged problems that will continue to throw a wrench in our plans and dreams until they are exposed to the light of acknowledgment and acceptance. Our blind spots can include anything from unconscious programs we picked up in childhood to repressed traumas, repressed memories, or even past life contracts or ancestral wounds.

The key to becoming more aware of our blind spots is to look at the places, people, ideas, and situations in our lives that repel us. Oftentimes, the pieces of ourselves that we most repress become projected outward so that we can face them since we cannot see them within. This process of facing the unknown rejected, and unacknowledged parts of us bring light to our blind spots, helps us integrate more of our conscious selves, and creates more peace in our inner and outer worlds.

Join Bonnie in this clearing where she will illuminate your blind spots, opening your awareness to the full spectrum of creation available to you. When we can see the full picture without these unconscious blocks and programs, we allow the fullness of our expression to shine through as the Divine Co-Creators we truly are.


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