Feeling Like Giving Up


Everyone on the planet is experiencing very most intense times. Many are of us are so overwhelmed, we want to give up. While the energy of the planets and the electromagnetic field around the earth are bringing up the depths of unconscious wounding, we can still navigate these times with more ease. Let Bonnie assist you in living an easier life during this time.

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Do you feel like giving up? Often giving up feels like a combination of exhaustion and this sinking to the pit of the stomach. Giving up for people can be a very physical, full body, experience with all sorts of emotions, such as guilt, shame, self-hatred. Or perhaps it’s externalized as hating the world or feeling owned by the world; the world owes you a win. So this experience of giving up is often this whole body multi-sensory, full, subtle body experience where our entire life force can be called into question.

If we give something up we take life force from that thing. So if I give up my job then I take my energy from my job. If I give up on another person I distance myself from them. I take my energy, or my awareness, from them. If someone were to give up on themselves often they will slide into a deep depression where they have no energy, or they will kill themselves. Their life force will start getting drained. So this feeling of giving up is an act of giving away life force energy.

People respond differently to giving up. For some people, giving up is the first thing they go to. Something goes wrong, or something doesn’t go right, and they want to give up, immediately. For some people this is their ‘go-to’, it’s almost a defense mechanism, where they never really have to succeed and they never really have to fail. Giving up is the safe option for them.

Other people will fight and fight until they can’t fight anymore. The giving up is almost a version of defeat. For them, it’s almost a daily experience that’s part of their personal safety. It’s how they keep themselves safe.

For other people, giving up is defeat, and would only happen after a tragic, tragic experience, or what they consider to be a deep failure on their part. Some people, especially energy workers and healers, or people that are in tune with the happenings of the world and the pain and suffering on the planet, are in an experience of giving up on humanity. With this type of giving up, it’s giving up on your entire home, and there’s often a state of deep heartbreak and depression that comes along with it.

Depending on our past life wounding(s) this giving up will often show up in different ways, and come with different types of emotional baggage. Through your lifetimes you have given up before. What were the implications for you? How is that affecting you today? Are you fighting endlessly? Do you need to give something up? Maybe you’re working five jobs and maybe you can only work three. Maybe giving up has affected you in a different way. Maybe you were completely heartbroken and the wounding around that is still haunting you.

When we give up other beings want to come in. When you are giving up your life force, you start inviting other life forces and beings into your body by suddenly making yourself spacious and open. This will often make the experience of giving up even worse; it amplifies it. Bonnie will be assisting in clearing these entities and beings out of your energetic field.

The energy of the planets and the electromagnetic field around the Earth are bringing up the depths of unconscious wounding, BUT, we can still navigate these times with more ease. If you are currently feeling like giving up, especially in the world, or on yourself, or in a way that feels harmful or could cause suffering, check out this group clearing.

In this group clearing Bonnie will be looking at not only this complex experience of giving up, and having life force taken from you and the truth distortions around that, but she’ll also be looking at your lifestream experiences around giving up, and your current wounding that is still affecting you. So in this group clearing we connect you to your life force, we connect you to your strength, and we reconnect to the truth- that we agreed to all of this, and we’re creating all of this, and co-creating all of this on the planet right now. We’ll be reconnecting to the deep truth that we are all worth fighting for.


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