Feeling Left Out?


Do you always feel left out of social situations? Maybe you were the stereotypical “last kid picked” for the team growing up, and you still feel that way at work or in your family or social life. Often times, feeling left out when we grow up makes us feel disconnected from others, abandoned, unimportant, or even invisible. We may take it personally and start to tie our sense of self-worth with how well we fit in with others or how we are treated by them. When we make these associations, we unconsciously create our own patterns of suffering.
Feeling left out is a belief system that often starts in early childhood or even from past lives. We believe inside that that there is something wrong with us, so when we feel left out of something, we take it personally and choose to view it as an external confirmation of the unworthiness we already feel inside. We start to get sucked into patterns and beliefs around scarcity, fearing that if we are left out, there won’t be enough love, attention, praise, or resources. Often there are deep wounds and trauma surrounding these beliefs below our level of awareness. There may have been past lives where you were left out or abandoned by your tribe or family and you actually died, leaving you with the belief that to be left out means death or disaster.
It’s time to pull the plug on these belief patterns. When we unravel the wounding and trauma around the idea of being left out, we begin to realize that the Universe has our back. We learn that everything we need is delivered to us in perfect timing and we can receive every experience with open arms. In this clearing with Master Bonnie Serratore, we will unravel what is at the core of these deep feeling of separation, lack, distrust, fear, and resentment of others. You will finally know that you are part of everything, and as such, you can never be truly left out of anything!



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