Feel Like You Failed Your Children?


Are you burdened by a sense of guilt and frustration, feeling like you’ve fallen short as a parent?

As parents, we want the best for our children, but when we fall short of perfection or their path strays from where we arrogantly thought it should go, we feel guilt and self-doubt. The important thing to remember is that our children are not only a part of our family but an important part of our Soul Family and we are meant to learn lessons and evolve together.

In this next Group Energy Clearing, Master Energy Tracker Bonnie Serratore will connect you to your children on the frequency of love. By clearing negative energies, healing core wounds and dispelling discarnates, you will see the contracts and lessons you were meant to share with one another. Sign up today and Invest in yourself, and watch the ripple effect of love and harmony spread throughout your family.


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