Fear of the Unknown with Ofer Niv and Joyha Baker


Not knowing what’s coming can result in anxiety, sleep issues, stress, fear, and irrational behaviors brought on by our fight/flight mechanism. We all have been in situations where we fear something may be coming, but we don’t even know what is triggering this fear or why. In fact, the unseen and unknown can cause deeper fears than what we are consciously aware of. It is the type of dread that might rise from the depth of our unconscious mind, taking us into darker realms we dare not enter.
On a physical level, this is similar to the fear people feel in total darkness, where we can’t see or even hear anything. There is no warning and no telling of what’s coming. Our imagination starts to conjure up nightmarish possibilities involving loss of control, suffering, torture, and even death. Not knowing what’s coming, combined with vivid imaginings of scary possibilities might render some of us unfocused, breathless, disturbed, panicked, or even terrified. Others might withdraw inwards, feeling paralyzed and unable to function in the world. Whatever your reaction to the unknown may be, it helps to remember, know, and feel that you are never alone. Our feelings of being utterly unsafe and powerless is an indication and protection of our feelings of separation from source itself.
In this clearing, we will help you to go deep into a place within you which you know very well; a place where you KNOW you are safe and protected, always. You will experience a place where you are never alone. We will look at stuck energy patterns and heal them at their root while teaching you how to open up your heart and activate your ring of safety, connecting you to infinite wisdom and helping you navigate any situation without becoming overwhelmed. The experience will bring you a sense of peace and joy, two ingredients which are crucial in transforming any fear into an opportunity to step into our power and thrive in a world of constant change and unknowns. You will be able to face your fears feeling comfortable and capable!

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