Faking It Till You Make It


Do you ever feel like you put on a false front because you are afraid to show the “real” you?
While on one level, you may recognize yourself as a good person who is empathetic, helpful, and compassionate, you may have deeper subconscious feelings of unworthiness, self-loathing, or shame. You may feel like an impostor in your life, second-guessing your successes, doubting your worthiness, and telling yourself that the only reason you’ve gotten so far is because of good luck.
When there is a disconnect between what we present on the outside and how we feel on the inside, it’s often a sign of deep shame or inadequacy. For some, perfectionist or abusive parents can make them forever feel that they can’t live up to their own expectations, leaving them feeling like a “faker” or “fraud.” Others may be on an endless quest to feel validated by trying to prove their success to others, never feeling satisfied and never seeming to feel better about themselves.
Others may have experienced pressure or rejection from peers or social groups, trying to suppress their personal truth in order to “keep the peace” or maintain interpersonal connections. As social beings, humans subconsciously try to “go along” with the tribe due to underlying fears around rejection, banishment, and abandonment. You may have even had past lives where you were ostracized, punished, or even killed for expressing your feelings being your true Self.
In the clearing, Bonnie will clear your lifestream and ancestral of these patterns of rejection, self-deprecation, and loss of esteem. When we release the belief that we have to be anything other than what we already are to receive love, fit in, or be accepted, we find that we are able to fully embrace and express our true Divine nature without reservation.


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