Expressing the Unexpressed


Are you feeling confined, stagnant, and unable to express your true self? Does it feel as though an invisible hand is covering your face and keeping you from uttering a single word? You hear yourself speaking, but the words that tumble forth don’t always convey what you’re thinking or truly wanting. What’s stopping you from expressing the real you?
It’s your repressed emotions.
So many people find it difficult to not only release their repressed emotions, but have trouble finding them at all. When you’ve been letting your core emotional wounds fester for years, even decades, it’s a real challenge to open yourself up and allow the sunlight to heal your pain and let your truth come tumbling out. The women who believe they’re broken. The men who’ve been conditioned that it’s not okay to cry. These are the people we see repressing their feelings every day.
When you begin to examine your emotions, your feelings seem insurmountable. They can be fraught with doubt and riddled with shame. However, when you look at those feelings closely and consciously, the fear and dread you experience lose their power. Your wounds begin to heal, and life initiates a long needed, powerful shift .
No more masks. No more hiding. Only peace.
Join Master Accelerator Bonnie Serratore in this clearing where we will unravel the limiting beliefs that have been holding you hostage and release the programs keeping you from expressing your truth with clarity, confidence, and serenity.

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