Expecting the Worst?


Are you under constant stress worrying about what “might” happen in the future?
Do you go through worst-case scenarios in your mind when thinking about upcoming events or plans?
Do people tell you you have a negative outlook?
When people have “gotten used” to experiencing traumatic or disappointing events as a pattern in their lives, they often begin to expect the worst to happen whenever considering future outcomes. Oftentimes, this distorted outlook is a coping mechanism we use to prepare ourselves in advance for what we expect will be a future catastrophe. In our minds, we are saving ourselves from disappointment by not getting our hopes up too high. The problem is that when we start to expect the worst to happen, it often does!
Most of us are aware of the Law of Attraction, and the idea that what we attract the frequencies and energies we are in resonance with. When we have the belief that the worst will always happen, we start to call that result to us. If we spend time fantasizing about the many ways an upcoming situation could go wrong, or mentally walk ourselves through worst-case scenarios, we actually start to attract those outcomes to ourselves. In reality, we are all the Co-Creators of our entire experience, agreeing to everything we encounter with full knowledge and willingness before we incarnate here. When we are born, most of us forget our true inner power and knowing, getting stuck in our stories of blame, victimhood, and disempowerment.
In this clearing Bonnie Serratore will free you from the core wounds that established these patterns of catastrophizing the future and expecting the worst to happen. In unraveling these false beliefs, programs, and misconceptions, we are able to create our reality with consciousness and confidence, allowing ourselves to first envision, and then experience the peaceful, harmonious, and Divine future that is our birthright!



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