Ending Injustice and Unfairness


Do you ever feel like life is unfair? You only get a tiny piece of the pie while others can have their cake and eat it too. Perhaps you continue to experience people mistreating you and victimizing you. You try so hard to make a difference in your life, you do everything right, you are a good person, and yet you can’t seem to break free from the endless cycle of struggle and victimization in your life. Nothing seems to be working for you and you may even feel forsaken.

When we experience disappointments, setbacks, and atrocities in our lives, we can conclude that life just isn’t fair. If these beliefs, conclusions, and other interfering forces are not cleared out of your subconscious, we will inevitably recreate scenarios that reflect this injustice and unfairness.

Let Master Energy Tracker Bonnie Serratore clear out the heavy emotions, agreements and contracts, and various interferences within your subconscious that prevent you from living a life of ease, flow, and prosperity.


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