Empowering the Empath


Liberate Yourself from the Vows of Self-Sacrifice! As an empath, it’s common to find yourself navigating a confusing and turbulent path. As you begin to realize that not everything you feel is yours, you also become aware of the strain others’ energy has on your whole being. Many empaths view this discomfort as a necessary self-sacrifice as a part of their service to the world. However, it’s a misconception that keeps them from operating at their full potential.

In the Group Energy Clearing, Empowering the Empath, our Lead Accelerator Sarah Ellingworth will release contracts and vows of self-sacrifice, repair damage and blocks created while assisting others’ healing, and release the responsibility you’re holding for their suffering. You’ll be able to set clear boundaries and learn to honor the journey that others must take for their healing and evolution. Uplevel your natural gifts, live optimally in your divine purpose and begin to thrive!


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