Embracing the Light


There’s no doubt that our everyday lives are full of complexity, and over time, we seem to separate ourselves into light and dark aspects — knowing that they both exist but imagining them as opposites that can’t benefit one another. As humans, naturally, we want to avoid pain, and our psyche is well-trained to do whatever it takes to keep us out of harm’s way. But in the long run, does it actually do anyone any good?
Too often we self-sabotage and keep ourselves at a stalemate when we’re stuck in fear or desperation.  The truth is we are usually the ones that are holding ourselves back – we are hiding in the dark and living in a place of fear and desperation. But there is a way out if you open the windows and embrace the light.
When you accept the dark and light sides of yourself, there’s nothing you can’t conquer. There’s no longer a state of emotion to be afraid of; there’s nothing that can beat the darkest parts of yourself that you’ve come to accept. In truth, we are usually the ones that hold ourselves back. We self-sabotage and lock ourselves in our very own prison when we dwell in a place of fear or desperation.
Pain is an invitation to deal with past traumas, become okay with negative feelings, and potentially use it for something greater. Embracing our shadows allows us to take a look at the parts we feel are undesirable given our past experiences and societal pressures. But through the journey, we’re able to find the light we’ve been desperately searching for.
The time has come to illuminate your dark side and let the sunlight in.  In this clearing Master Accelerator, Bonnie Serratore will help keep you from suppressing the shadows that hold you back, avoid being passive-aggressive, and keep you from self-sabotaging your life. Instead of resisting the inevitable, we’ll help you invite pain in, embrace it and hug it like a long-lost friend.

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