Downplaying Our Accomplishments


Have you ever aced a great work presentation in front of your colleagues only to shy away from the spotlight and belittle your own work in private?
Do you routinely stress out to meet deadlines, and overtax yourself in an effort to make your work “perfect?”
Are you worried that nothing you do is ever good enough?

For many women in the workforce, confidence is hard to come by. It’s long been the norm for generations that women should keep quiet- especially at work. Despite the great strides that have been made for gender equality and the increased focus on female entrepreneurs and executives, the widening gender gap in our culture is still very real. However, women are making great strides and embracing success. So, why are we so afraid to shine?

Many women are expected to be humble and not boast about their accomplishments which causes them to experience a certain demotivating discomfort. We’re fine promoting other women, but the thought of promoting ourselves is practically verboten.

Bonnie will show you how to take pride in your accomplishments and stop downplaying your greatness. No matter your situation or profession, how can you grow into your very best self if you don’t learn to acknowledge and celebrate your wins? It’s time for women to jettison their self-deprecating ways and start acknowledging, embracing, and promoting their well-deserved accomplishments.

Date & Time
Friday, September 24th, at 12:30 pm MDT


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