Depression, Depression, Depression


While sadness is part of the human condition, depression is not the same as sadness. Depression is persistent and invasive. It makes its presence known in all aspects of our lives from our eating and sleeping habits to our moods, energy level, and susceptibility to negative spiritual influences. When we are depressed we may feel empty, lost, or undeserving of love and compassion, especially from ourselves.

In the depths of our depression, even the most mundane everyday tasks or responsibilities can seem impossible. The simple act of eating a meal, taking a shower, or stepping outside can feel overwhelming and fill us with fear or anxiety. As we neglect our physical and emotional needs, we weaken energetically as well, leaving us open to negative entities attracted to our anguish and hopelessness. These attachments can make the problem worse, empowering our negative thoughts, and further perpetuating this cycle of despondency downward.

Our natural state is one of joy, love, and unity. In this clearing, Bonnie Serratore will unravel the belief systems, release the programs, and clear the past (and present) life traumas that are keeping you stuck in the cycle of depression. As Bonnie clears our false conclusions and removes any interferences or entities keeping us locked in turmoil, it opens up more space for our own Divine light and presence to return to our physical and energetic bodies. With more of our light present, less darkness can exist, making us less susceptible to external influences, dark moods, or our own negative thoughts. Join Bonnie in this clearing where she will free you from the bonds of depression, dispelling the darkness and allowing you to stand tall as the Divine being of love and joy that you are!



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