Dark Force Interference


How can you tell if dark forces have been influencing your life? In some situations, it can be obvious. Some people can experience attacks in their sleep or when they are awake. They may see beings, shadows, feel a negative presence, or experience severe intrusive “out of nowhere” dark thoughts, emotions, or behaviors. You may suddenly find yourself lashing out or acting in ways that are “not you”.
If you are on a spiritual path in this lifetime, even if you have dedicated yourself to the Light, there may be past lifetimes where you worked with darker energies or beings to accomplish your goals. There could be contracts that you entered into in past lives with other beings that are still in place, allowing these energies to affect you now. You may have had dark past lives where you committed atrocities or victimized people, and these people’s energies can still be stuck in your body. Many people believe that when you decide to stand against these dark forces that these vows, contracts, and oaths disappear, but they linger on in the ancestral or past life lineages, continuing to affect you until they are unraveled from their core.
Even if you are unaware of these dark interferences and if they are at play in your life, they can still be affecting you without you knowing. Even people who “don’t believe in” dark entities, demonic forces, curses or spells can still be affected by these energies. Join Bonnie Serratore to learn about these energies, discover how they can influence your life, and become liberated from their grip forever!


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