Damsel in Distress: Breaking the Pattern of Helplessness


Do you feel paralyzed by executing even the easiest of tasks?
Does fear itself stop you from making significant decisions?
Do you feel like a damsel in distress waiting for someone to save you and do the heavy lifting for you?

When people believe they are powerless to control what happens to them, they begin to exhibit traits of inability. This concept is referred to as “learned helplessness” because it is not something a person is born with. It’s a learned behavior in which they believe they can’t control their surroundings and believe it’s pointless to even try.

This situation occurs when a person feels powerless to control their circumstances to the point that they shut down and stop making any efforts to change them. This behavior is very common among survivors of abuse and trauma. Luckily, because helplessness is a learned behavior, there are ways it can be unlearned.

Filling our minds with limiting beliefs of what we’re able to achieve (or not achieve) is dangerous. This generates a cycle of self-defeatist thinking, and when caught in the middle of this cycle, your motivation and overall productivity inevitably begin to suffer.

Most people are stronger than they think. And if they’re willing to fight through their obstacles, they will soon see that viewing life through more optimistic eyes is a key to living a happy, emotionally healthy existence.  In this powerful clearing, Bonnie will help you empower yourself, shed your learned helplessness and live a life of strength, authenticity, and self-love.


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