Cursed or Haunted?


We have all had those creepy moments of feeling “unsafe.” Instantly and without notice or reason, we suddenly sense that we are in the wrong place or that someone/something is working against us. This is because our spiritual side has become aware of energies our physical mind can’t understand. Our Ego can’t process the vibration and the critical messages that the Universe sends us, and it short circuits into a panic. But these energies might not be a warning alarm, just a wake-up alarm YOU have set.

With this next “group clearing” by Bonnie, she will untangle you from the panic of the unknown. She will help banish the discarnate feasting on your fear and translate the “curse” upon you for the actual message the Universe is sending you. By understanding the reason for the warning bells, you can stop seeing them as a sinister mysterious force and recognize them as a powerful tool to help you wake up to your perfect self.


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