Compulsions Be Gone


A compulsive behavior is defined as an irresistible urge that can go against a person’s conscious wishes. Where do these compulsions come from? In a world that seems out of control, compulsive behaviors alleviate the anxiety and chaos that loom within. They become our ineffective coping skills, robbing us of our full, uninhibited, joyful life. Compulsion is about feeling out of control, it’s the angst we feel when we are not fully in our body, and we are trying to cope with a world that feels unpredictable.
These destructive behaviors can often become a coping mechanism stemming from traumatic experiences, behaviors we inherited or learned from those around us, or even influences from discarnate beings. When we experience trauma, often times we leave our bodies, which leaves us energetically vulnerable to discarnates or interferences. These entities often times have compulsions of their own, which attract to and compound your own issues, increasing them and causing them to wreak havoc in your life. By clearing out the emotional wounding, discarnates, and unwinding your fears around control, we start to unravel what is causing you to act out in ways that are not in alignment with the true YOU!



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