Clearing the Well of Grief


Your grief has been welling up for lifetimes. It’s time to clear the well!

The “Well of Grief” differs from the typical emotional energies of grief stored in the second chakra. The energy in the “well” is denser, more intense, and carries despair, anguish, helplessness, and hopelessness. When we do not fully embrace and feel emotions as they occur, they can get stored in our subconscious to be carried over into our next life.

Over many incarnations, this collection of darkly charged emotions pool together and become a more compact and dense mass of toxic energy. The gravity of this sadness weighs on us. This “well” is the cause of most people’s constant or continual feelings of sadness. It’s a sadness that never entirely goes away, ever.

This Group Energy Clearing is your chance to lift that weight. Sign up for this session and let Bonnie clear your well of grief and replace it with an overflowing wellspring of lightness and love.


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