Clearing the Fear of Humiliation


In what ways have you held yourself back for fear of humiliation? If you knew you were safe from rejection, would you care if someone mocked you? From early childhood, you had layers of social, cultural or religious norms piled onto your psyche. Some you’ve agreed to, others you grappled with that don’t fit who you truly are. Stop listening to the tired, old record in your head that tells you, ‘If you do that, you’ll make a fool of yourself!’

Join Master Energy Tracker & Healer, Bonnie Serratore, for a Group Energy Clearing to be free from self-oppression. In Clearing the Fear of Humiliation, Bonnie will seek out and shatter past and current life trauma, false beliefs and interferences keeping you from expressing yourself.  It’s your divine right to walk through this world beaming confidence and having it reflected back to you!


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