Clearing Karmic Loops


Whether you feel trapped by your karma or are trying to live a life of happiness and spiritual growth, it’s wise to understand your karmic cycles, discover how to break karmic patterns, and end unnecessary negative energy in your life.
Karmic loops are behaviors, emotions, thought forms or dynamics that are repetitive in your life. When you are caught up in a karmic loop no matter what you try to do to change you always end up in the same place/state, but each time the loop is triggered, the emotional charge from it becomes heavier and more troublesome.
There are many loops someone can fall into; toxic relationships, unavailable partners, betrayal, drama, abuse, health issues, and money problems to name a few. When you create karmic energy, the energy must return to you, in the same way when you toss a ball up in the air, it must come back down. In short, negative energy creates negative karma and positive energy creates positive karma.
If you want to break your karmic patterns, it’s helpful to begin living a more positive life and be more mindful of how you create your karma. In this powerful clearing, Bonnie will help you break your karmic patterns and loops, begin living a more positive life, and become more aware of how you create your karma every day.

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