Clearing Allergies and Sensitivities


Do you suffer from allergies, food sensitivities, or other reactions?
Are you overly sensitive to certain people, places, or situations?
Do you find yourself triggered, either physically or emotionally by the world around you?

On the energetic levels, allergic reactions, sensitivities, and triggers are all about how we react unconsciously to what we deem to be “foreign” energy. This response sets off a reaction in our systems as we try to fight off and rid ourselves of what our bodies consider to be harmful. While most of us may think of bee stings, shellfish, or peanuts when we talk about allergies, many people are finding that they are developing sensitivities to their foods, certain people, or even places.

From the food we eat, microplastics in our environment, toxicity in the form of mass media, or negative people around us, the world at large can trigger a reaction in the most energetically sensitive people. Allergic reactions are all about resisting what is present as we try to energetically (and physically) “fight off” what is causing the reaction. If we can stop resisting what is present in our lives, both on a conscious and unconscious level, we can help release the way our bodies react to our sensitivities and begin to allow ourselves to move through life without being so affected by what’s going on outside.

In this clearing, Bonnie will release you from energetic imprints, toxic beliefs, and sensitivities that are causing you to be triggered into emotional, allergic, and spiritual reactions. When we release the charge that these energies have, we can withstand and even integrate them into our experiences without resisting them. It may not be possible to change the environment around you all at once, but it is possible to release the triggers and change the way we respond to the external world and its energies.


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