Clear Your Chakra Series Bundle

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The Clear Your Chakras Series has an exclusive Small Group Energy Clearing (SGEC) format in which Master Energy Tracker & Healer, Bonnie Serratore, deep dives into one chakra, or energy center, per session. This allows for a more complete clearing of debris from both the emotional and energetic components of each chakra.

For each session, you will receive a questionnaire asking you to describe any issues you are experiencing with the specific chakra of the session. During the SGEC, Bonnie clears every participant’s issue, then recalibrates the chakra and finishes with an activation. This allows you to not only receive a clearing for your specific concerns, but also reap the benefits of every other participant’s clearing, too. Potent, in-depth, life changing results in just an hour!

Best of all, if you can’t join Bonnie for the live clearing, you can still register, fill out the questionnaire, and receive all these powerful clearings when it fits your schedule.

Choose one chakra in which you need the most support or purchase all 7 clearings for a total body recalibration and a 20% discount!



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