Building Your Self-Confidence


When there is a sense of trust in our abilities, there is room to learn and grow easily because we are not trying to impress anyone with our knowledge or accomplishments. The stability of confidence is a foundation that is unshakable and the perfect framework for new things that life asks of us to be welcomed rather than feared. When we build our confidence we are strengthening the core of who we are. We become deeply rooted in an energy and knowing that we are capable, flexible and available for life and the inevitable changes that come.

In this group clearing Bonnie will address the long-held patterns of fear and resistance that have built up in layers over this lifetime and many others. She will assist us in finding the strength that lives in each one of us, a clarity and knowing of who we are and the size of our capacity to show up. If you are feeling unstable and things feel imbalanced from one day to the next, building the base of confidence may be exactly what is being called for.


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