Body Shame


I am always surprised when I meet people who are just about perfect in their body and yet they find fault and have judgments even shame about their body.
Perfection, what is that? Well, we have all heard and probably even said it ourselves, that, “you are perfect just as you are”. Why do we think that about other people but not ourselves? Why do we have such high expectations of ourselves yet we can’t do what we know would actually help us look and feel a little better?
Humm…must be those interferences. Actually, that is a huge contributing factor. And, anyone who has been emotionally, verbally, physically or mentally shamed can have feelings of imperfection and body shame. If you have been sexually molested you will have body shame. Molestation, rape, incest all cause deep body shame.
If you didn’t experience any kind of molestation in this lifetime I guarantee you that it did happen in previous incarnations. If you didn’t clear the trauma and the emotional pain, you still have that shame in you now. Remember, we are souls evolving. To know Creation, we must experience all things in all ways.
If we believe that having pleasure in the body is a sin, wrong or bad then we will have body shame. Cultural beliefs, religious beliefs all contribute to body shame.
In this clearing, Bonnie will go deep into the subconscious, past lives, and clear layers and layers of lifetimes of body shame and foreign energy contributing to these feelings. Remember, when you have body shame, there will be hundreds of discarnates in you that are feeling the same way, maybe even worse than you actually do.
Let’s get real about our bodies and liberate ourselves from these self-judgments that can paralyze us from living free!



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