Body Acceptance Package

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This package includes 5 clearings:
Accepting Your Physical body,
Love Your Body,
Body Shame,
Receiving Pleasure,
You are Enough

Accepting Your Physical Body

Stop the war on your body with Bonnie Serratore. Do you judge your body? Do you wish your body was different? Begin to embrace your body in this group clearing.

Love your Body

What... love my body? How can I love my body when it isn't perfect and isn't exactly how I want it? Haven't we all said something along these lines? Why do we find so many faults with the temple that houses our Soul? The physical manifestation of Creator Incarnate? As most of us know, there is so much attention placed on ""physical beauty"" and what is considered beautiful. The thing is, EVERYONE has a different take on beauty. The beauty that shines through the heart is the most incredible beauty; and it's in everyone. Clear out some of the interferences that block us from appreciating and loving our body temple. It's time to love your Sacred Temple, and there is a way to do just that! Join Bonnie Serratore as she starts to clear the interferences that plague society - beliefs, misperceptions of reality, self-judgments, and even past incarnations where we had dislike for our bodies and have carried these feelings throughout time.

Body Shame

I am always surprised when I meet people who are just about perfect in their body and yet they find fault and have judgments even shame about their body. Perfection, what is that? Well, we have all heard and probably even said it ourselves, that, "you are perfect just as you are". Why do we think that about other people but not ourselves? Why do we have such high expectations of ourselves yet we can't do what we know would actually help us look and feel a little better? Humm...must be those interferences. Actually, that is a huge contributing factor. And, anyone who has been emotionally, verbally, physically or mentally shamed can have feelings of imperfection and body shame. If you have been sexually molested you will have body shame. Molestation, rape, incest all cause deep body shame. If you didn't experience any kind of molestation in this lifetime I guarantee you that it did happen in previous incarnations. If you didn't clear the trauma and the emotional pain, you still have that shame in you now. Remember, we are souls evolving. To know Creation, we must experience all things in all ways. If we believe that having pleasure in the body is a sin, wrong or bad then we will have body shame. Cultural beliefs, religious beliefs all contribute to body shame. In this clearing, Bonnie will go deep into the subconscious, past lives, and clear layers and layers of lifetimes of body shame and foreign energy contributing to these feelings. Remember, when you have body shame, there will be hundreds of discarnates in you that are feeling the same way, maybe even worse than you actually do. Let's get real about our bodies and liberate ourselves from these self-judgments that can paralyze us from living free!

Receiving Pleasure

Are you not receiving pleasure? Do you have trouble having fun? Do you want more intimacy in your life?

You Are Enough

When you look in the mirror is your glass half empty all of the time? The idea and the words are simple enough, but the meaning of “I am enough” is often lost. It’s a concept that you may dismiss with self-criticism as you look at your self-worth and dismiss that all together. Do you compare yourself to others, only to think you somehow come up short? Do you feel like a fake? Are those negative thoughts swirling around in your head pointing out every so-called “flaw”? Do you count all of your “failures” as shortcomings, instead of seeing them as gifts and opportunities for growth? Move through life experiencing the power of your complete self. Live the authentic joy that comes from believing that you are enough. Release the feelings that you are somehow not enough and be free to be you with Bonnie Serratore.


In the 3D world we live in, our body is our physical vessel for moving through life. It is our temple, the physical home where our spiritual essence resides. Yet most of us have hang-ups about our bodies. We compare ourselves to others and make ourselves wrong for our perceived imperfections or limitations. When we start to love ourselves, inside and out, we can accept what is without struggle, giving us the power to shift the way we show up for our bodies, and the way our bodies show up for us!


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