Blocks to Truth


Are you convinced that you know the “truth” and others are deceived?
Have you placed your faith in others’ ideas, losing track of your own discernment?
Are you ignoring uncomfortable truths or “spiritual bypassing”?

We all would like to think that we have the best judgment and discernment. When we feel like we have been deceived or misled, it can feel like we have failed ourselves, bringing up feelings of shame, embarrassment, or disappointment. With so many sources for information, it can feel overwhelming to sort through everything and sometimes it’s easier to go along with someone else’s version of the truth than to really examine things ourselves without ego manipulation or outside influence.

We can all be subjected to group think or external manipulation at some time or another. We may find a new spiritual teacher or guru whose words seem to fill us with awe and inspiration. We become so enamored of our idols that we stop questioning whether what we are being told actually resonates with our own truth. We start to lose our ability to question without bias because on some level, we trust the opinions of someone “wiser” outside of ourselves over our own internal knowing.

Some people get caught up in cult-like organizations, groups, or pyramid schemes. These organizations often use advanced manipulation tactics to draw people into their groups, showering them with positive attention and a feeling of belonging, then isolating them from outside influences or views and indoctrinating them into the ideas of the group. In extreme cases, followers can lose their life savings, close relationships and family, and even their own sense of identity and agency.

Even if you typically trust yourself and check in with your inner self often, you can still block yourself from seeing the truth if you have unchecked judgements or prejudices that prevent you from seeing the whole picture. For example, if you are typically a very giving and compassionate person, you may not see that you are being unkind or unfair to yourself in a certain situation because you think of yourself as always being non-judgmental and empathetic. In cases like these, our own misperceptions of reality are what is blocking us from seeing the truth.

In this clearing, Bonnie will help you disengage from any external sources of manipulation or coercion as well as helping to clear any misperceptions or false beliefs that are standing in the way of your ability to discern your truth. We are each the Divine Co-Creators of our lives and it is up to us to connect to our discernment so that we can create our reality with integrity and wisdom.


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