Black or White, no Grey?


Do you find yourself stuck in dualistic thinking, identifying things as either “good” or “bad”, “right” or “wrong”, “positive” or “negative”? When we are stuck in this type of extreme thinking, it leaves no room for compromise, leaving us blinded to the wide range of possible experiences available. When we look at the world thinking things either have to be one way or another, with no wiggle room in between, it limits our capacity for spiritual and personal growth.When you’re stuck in black and white thinking, it distorts the way you experience the world and yourself. This polarized thinking pattern can wreak havoc in our lives when we decide that a person is “bad” after one mistake, or we tell ourselves that we are a failure at something that we have only tried once. These distortions warp the way we perceive the world. When we put our own filter on our experiences, we draw conclusions and make decisions based on a label we have decided to apply to things. Getting free of these rigid patterns can allow you to be more free of judgement of yourself and others. Your relationships can improve because you allow your relationship, and the other person, to be as they are without judging things as being positive or negative, allowing things to show up as they actually are. With more flexibility in thinking comes more freedom in how you express yourself and how you interact with the world around you. In this clearing with Bonnie Serratore, let’s expand from the rigid bonds of black and white thinking and allow the full spectrum of life to guide us into being more open and free!



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