Binding the Broken Ego


Have you ever encountered someone who embodies superiority?
Maybe you felt a powerful sense of dominance or authority flow over you?
Did this person seem like “a chosen one?”
The vibration you’re feeling isn’t about power, prestige, or importance.  It’s your ego.
We all want to be loved.  However, there’s a difference between being loved and the desire to feel “special.” The compulsion to label yourself as ”special”, “better than”, or “holier than thou” is not who you are at your core.
If you’re convinced, you’re the second coming of any deity, god, or spirit in the world, you can be sure your ego is running the show. Allowing your ego to hijack your life causes nothing but emotional pain and separation.
When we elevate ourselves to “better than,” we receive the opposite of what we are trying to achieve. When we begin to feel worthless, insignificant, and lesser.  We play small and tell ourselves that “no one cares about me.” We cling to the belief that we can “never have enough or never be enough” So you remain hidden, separate, and acting in ways that are not who we actually are.
In this clearing, Bonnie will clear out the ego traps and programs that keep us from realizing that the truth is everyone is very special. Everyone is unique in their own personal orbit, and those who are liberated don’t want their ego ruling their life.


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