Beliefs – with Bonnie & Team Accelerators!


Beliefs are just that, beliefs. Beliefs are created by human beings and we all know that every person has distortions and misperceptions of reality. If we are not totally clear or connected to The All, God, Source, Creation, which no one is, then our beliefs are distorted. Period.
Most beliefs are distortions of truth and are not the Absolute. Our beliefs sometimes fit our needs and were created by conclusions we have drawn about a situation or even our own mind thought. For example, a child whose parents divorce may conclude that they are the cause or reason for the split, and/or they may conclude that daddy’s or mom’s always go away. When we have a breakup we may conclude that love hurts so we decide we will never open ourselves up to hurt again, which equates to keeping the heart closed.
Beliefs define us and our values. We use our beliefs to determine who we are, how we behave, and how we interact with others. Our beliefs justify our actions and help us qualify ourselves. We measure others against our belief structures and are often surprised when they come up short.
We kill over beliefs and we die over beliefs. Wars are fought over beliefs. When we become convinced that our beliefs are more important and correct than those of others, we find ourselves judging and condemning them because of our beliefs.
Who would we be without these beliefs? What would our lives be like if we let them go?
Our beliefs are not who we are. We buy into the beliefs of our family, friends, teachers, religions and our own direct experiences. As an eternal soul evolving, we hold these beliefs in our souls imprint for lifetimes. This is why energy clearings are so important.
Stepping outside of these mental and energetic structures is required to experience new and greater things in life! Owning your ability to create your life and shift your beliefs is where your power lies in this new paradigm.
Your path to liberation awaits!


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