Been Cheated?


Have you ever had an experience where you felt cheated? Maybe you felt like a less qualified candidate got that job or promotion that you were more qualified for. Perhaps people tell you that you are too trusting, and you find yourself being financially cheated by loaning untrustworthy people money or being taken advantage of by financial schemes. You may have had a partner actually be unfaithful to you, making you feel both cheated on, as well as being cheated out of the relationship you wanted.When we feel like we have been cheated out of something, it makes us feel like things just aren’t fair. We harbor feelings of anger and resentment towards others, and even ourselves. We may feel shame for not standing up or feel “dumb” for being taken advantage of. If being cheated begins to show up as a pattern, you may even find yourself distrusting everyone else, always questioning people’s motives and intentions, even those closest to you. We start to become suspicious and may even begin to expect to be cheated in any future interaction.These patterns can be deeply ingrained and most likely did not even begin in this lifetime. When we have the pattern of “being cheated”, it draws in other entities and discarnates with this same frequency, making the situation even worse. As these patterns continue and intensify with each new experience, we anchor them even deeper, making us feel more like a victim, and attracting more people to “victimize” us.It’s time for us to understand that there are no victims, and we are all co-creating our experiences together. When we can get to the bottom of these patterns, clear out the entities contributing to our suffering, and get rid of the contracts that keep us in these types of relationships, we can fully come into our sovereignty. We come to the understanding that we are fully capable of creating an experience of peace, trust, and an open heart.



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