Bah Humbug – Finding The Holiday Spirit


Clear interfering energy that is hindering you from welcoming magic into your life!


There are always some of us who don’t like the holidays because of the drama and hassle of getting together with family. Oftentimes we go to our family gatherings because we feel obligated, we don’t want to disappoint anyone or we want to please our spouse, our parents or other family members.

There are some who just don’t enjoy the hubbub of this time of year. For others, the reason for our Bah Humbug is because of the loss of a beloved.

Whatever the reason we are feeling our Bah Humbug it makes our life a little miserable or even unhappy. We are the ones who are suffering.

While clearings won’t change our obligations, commitments, or gathers, clearings can change our attitude, our feelings, our beliefs, our points of view, our conclusions, our programming and so much more.

We are here, alive and in the world to participate fully in life. To share the gift of who we are. We can’t do that when we are in the Bah Humbug mood. We are contracted, judgmental, resistant, negative, etc., creating stress for those we love.

We might be told to get over it, let it go, show up, stop being a bore. The truth is if it was that easy and we could just do it, we would. This is where the clearings really change your experience and ultimately change your life. None of these negative feelings are actually you. In the core of your being is the beautiful Divine Light that you actually are. Your Light isn’t negative, it isn’t judgmental, it has no needs or wants, it isn’t disappointed or needy. This is our true nature, which is unconditional love.

Join Bonnie in clearing the Bah Humbug feeling and show up in your life with the “yes” to life, “yes” to sharing the gift of you and let your woes be gone; and everyone else’s too!


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