Awaken to your Inner Divinity


Standing In Your Truth (Speaking Your Truth)

Many people come into the world feeling like it's not okay to be themselves. Buying into the thought form that it's not okay to tell the truth. We don't want to risk somebodies approval by speaking up because we might lose them, feel ostracized, or judged. Being tortured in this way anchors these traumas into the soul imprint. This clearing not only helps gain back your truth but also empowers you to stand up for yourself. To stop being taken advantage of, to stop letting others walk all over you, and to start claiming your life again!

Authentic Self-Expression

What would your life look like if you were completely free to be yourself? Free to express your truth? Free to shine your light carefree and unapologetically? What would you say? How would your life look? For most humans, most of the time, we filter our expression through the lenses of our family upbringing, social conditioning, and beliefs around what may keep us safe. To these parts of us, full self-expression would lead to judgment, rejection, and even death. We may not feel like we have a right to be ourselves. We may experience deep shame around who we are. We may not even really know who we are because so much suppression is happening. This type of bondage quiets not only our expression but dims our life force. We use up so much energy suppressing, dismissing, rejecting and editing our authentic selves. This contributes to our chronic exhaustion, our yearnings for intimacy and love, and our inability to go after what we really want. Eventually, after this much emotional congestion, when we do finally say something, it may come out as intense, angry, or out of proportion because we’re not used to letting those parts out. This can create even more of a relational mess to clean up afterward. Unbind yourself from your conditioning. Unleash your wild, vibrant, and fully alive being into the world. When these parts awaken, the entire world lights on fire. All of the yumminess this world has to offer you is waiting. Join Abbey Pilgeram, Cat Gelinas, and Shelby Robbins during this group clearing!

Awaken to Your Higher Potential

Are you craving embodiment and living to your highest potential? Step into your highest potential, go direct, and type into your unique purpose and potential. For most of us, never living our full potential is one of our greatest fears. Often when we are disconnected from our higher self we experience disappointment, shame, frustration, and being lost. Begin to awaken to your highest potential and start living it. During this group clearing, clear out blocks, patterns and unwanted energies that are keeping you stuck in this disconnection with Bonnie Serratore.

Removing Blocks to Receiving

Receiving sometimes has a bad rap. “It is better to give than to receive” reinforces those thoughts. What about parents telling their children that if they are bad then Santa won’t bring them presents? Every kid does things that they believe to be bad or wrong even when they try to be so good. We instill so many beliefs and misperceptions of reality onto one another that we judge ourselves as unworthy. If we are unworthy, we don’t deserve. If we don’t deserve we block our ability to receive. This includes receiving compliments, gifts, money, acknowledgements, abundance, joy, peace, and just about everything that would bring us happiness. Why do we do this? The human psyche is actually fragile. It doesn’t take much to traumatize a child, an infant, a toddler. When traumatized by believing who we are sucks, we close down a part of our heart and we can no longer receive. Then we begin what I call “the giving” which translates into doing for others, giving to others at our own expense, being the nice person, and allowing others to walk all over us. It is a slippery slope to the can’t say yes and can’t say no, can’t find true love, can’t have money, can’t have blessings, can’t, can’t, can’t receive. You can see how this can turn into a long period of not receiving. For some, most of their lives! The inability to receive stops us from enjoying the gifts people give us. When we receive a gift, we are inhibited, maybe even shy, or we tell people they didn’t need to do that. We deflect compliments and acknowledgements. When we pay attention, we may feel an actual physical sensation in our chest, our heart center, when we are blocked in our ability to openly and joyfully receive. That’s the closed or protected heart, where we may feel unlovable or not enough just as we are. Wonder what it would be like to have the heart open and receiving abundance in all ways. Not only would we be happier, we would actually share the gift of our self, the very thing we all want from each other, the real you, me, us. Let’s open our hearts together with Bonnie and experience more community, connection, support, friends, love, joy and happiness.


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