Archetypal Patterns: The Wounded Healer


The most powerful healers have walked through the fire of transformation and bring first-hand experience back to their service and healing. It is through past traumas and wounding that we find ways of helping other people, but may forget about our own health and happiness. It’s time to come home to self and heal the past traumas to become present for the life that is happening now. If you are feeling stuck or invisible in any way this clearing is for you. This is the time to show up and be seen in a greater way.

Bonnie will clear the cross-wiring that keeps you from knowing your true gifts. With the restoration of balance and resolution of past energies, you will have the opportunity to shine your unique light stronger into the world. To honor our own path is to have the courage to give freely to those in need of what you have while caring deeply for your own wholeness.


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