Anything but Anger


While some people aren’t troubled by expressing anger, others feel uncomfortable with outward displays of anger from other people or even themselves. Anger in itself is not necessarily negative; it can alert us to when our boundaries are being tested, give us the motivation to change circumstances that bother us, and it can be a natural response to events we perceive as unfair, hurtful, wrong. Most people are never taught how to effectively express, understand, and release their anger.
By an early age, most of us have already made decisions about anger, its purpose, and how to safely express it. If we were raised in an abusive or traumatic environment, we may see anger as a loss of control or a way to punish others. Some of our beliefs about anger may come from society, as many cultures have very specific ideas about how anger can be expressed and who is allowed to express it. For example, some women may feel it is not “lady-like” to get angry, so they cover it with a different, more “acceptable” emotion such as fear, guilt, or blame.
When we don’t feel safe or comfortable expressing our anger, it often gets misdirected and channeled into a different emotion like despair, helplessness, or hopelessness. We may turn the anger inward onto ourselves, rather than express it outwardly, blaming or shaming ourselves but still unable to change things. Other people repress their anger entirely, denying their feelings and burying them deep in the subconscious where they can wreak even more havoc on their lives.
In this clearing with Bonnie Serratore, we can finally allow ourselves to release and move through these feelings of anger to unravel the deeper core wounds of worthlessness, separation, and despair. When we can finally feel our anger and release these energies, we can allow more of the light of who we are to enter into our physical and energetic bodies, allowing us to step into new levels of joy, presence, and love in every moment!



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