Anger, The Protector of Vulnerability

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Does Anger Seem to Get the Best of You? Understanding anger’s role helps in dissolving its hold on you. Societal programming leads us to unconsciously believe that anger is a safer emotion to feel rather than what it often protects – hurt, shame and fear. To not get angry can feel like self-betrayal because ‘Who else is going to stick up for me?’

Let Lead Accelerator Sarah Ellingworth clear emotional woundings from this life and past, and outside interferences that are compounding your quickness to anger in this Group Energy Clearing.

Join Sarah for the opportunity to explore and release deep-seated anger, rage, betrayal, pain, trauma, sadness, emotional neglect, feelings of rejection and shame, hatred, bitterness, addictions to lower emotions, fear of vulnerability and feeling unsafe. Isn’t it time you truly felt safe to express all of your emotions?


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