Ancestral Beliefs


The majority of the Beliefs that you carry around do not belong to you! Traumas, beliefs, and programs from our ancestral line carry forth in the DNA and become imprinted into our energetic body, influencing our thoughts and beliefs today. We inherit beliefs from both past lives and our ancestral family, and these beliefs can hold you into patterns and structures that do not serve your highest good today.
When we unravel these ancient and outdated belief systems, we become liberated and more able to step into our authentic selves. Beliefs and ideas passed down from our ancestors can affect our lives even as we consciously work to clear our present situation. For example, ancestors who lived through times of famine or illness may have built up belief structures based on lack, scarcity and separation. These beliefs get imprinted onto your body and energy, causing you to experience these same issues of lack, because these beliefs are still inside of you! Join Bonnie as she unwinds the Ancestral beliefs that are keeping you stuck, keeping you small, and keeping you tethered to old patterns!



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