Always in Crisis?


Do you feel like you life has just been limping along from one crisis to the next? Do you feel like you finally get back on your feet after some huge setback, only to find yourself swept up in another crisis that derails your progress and sets you back even farther? Many of us have heard the phrase “when it rains, it pours”, but why does it seem like some people just can’t catch a break?
Since our outer world is often a good indicator of our inner processes and programs, when we see drama, chaos, and crisis constantly showing up, it’s an invitation to us to look inside and see where we might be co-creating our own problems. Some people can get addicted to the feeling of stress and drama, so without being in constant turmoil they feel bored or apathetic. This causes them to subconsciously create problems in their lives to struggle with. Other people may have inner feelings of self-doubt and insecurity, so they generate crises so they can be saved by someone, or feel the accomplishment of “saving themselves”. All of these patterns are rooted in attention-seeking behavior.
When we have experienced trauma or major dysfunction, we may recreate these patterns in our lives because they are familiar to us. Times when we have struggled may be the only times we have felt supported, acknowledged, or loved. When we fall down, we receive compassion and attention, but the downside comes when we tell ourselves that falling down is the ONLY way to receive these things. This clearing with Bonnie Serratore will help unravel the traumas and programs that are causing you to manifest crisis, turmoil, and drama in your life and relationships. When we understand that we can receive love and be witnessed and appreciated in every moment, we can stop perpetuating this cycle and begin to create healthier and more balanced relationships.



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