Aging Gracefully


Does the thought of getting older scare you?
Are you noticing more white hair and wrinkles?
Do you feel you have to keep up with new trends and anti-aging messaging?

The art of graceful, dignified aging begins with affirmation. In a society that is consumed by body image, aging is a prospect that haunts and strikes fear into the hearts of many. Due in part to media portrayals of aging, some negative notions surrounding older people have resulted in thoughts and processes that dishonor the aging process by turning it into a belief that it must be avoided at all costs.

It becomes increasingly difficult to form healthy opinions about the aging process when our media promotes youth as the ideal human condition. In some cases, the anti-aging sentiment seen in movies, TV, and advertisements, older people—women and men alike—rush to buy the latest anti-aging potions or undergo injections and surgeries promising to make us look younger and more vibrant.

With so many equating aging with a sense of decline, the process of growing older has become unjustly characterized and creates unnecessary fear as we try to escape the looming prospect of age.

Bonnie will show you how to pay homage to yourself in this clearing, honor your age, and your journey full of new adventures, wisdom, and joy. It’s time to pay reverence to the life you have lived and, believe wholeheartedly in the beauty that lies ahead for you. Aging gracefully and gratefully with dignity is a belief in the goodness of your life and your incredible experience.


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