Abundance Package


Boost your capacity for more of everything good in your life with Bonnie Serratore’s Abundance Package. Through this four-part video clearing series, you will go in-depth into the ways you are not fully available, open, or maintaining healthy standards in your relationship with money. Step more fully into wealth, opulence, success, and receptivity, and navigate the complex balancing act of cultivating wealth while standing in full alignment and integrity.

Receiving Abundance

Are you struggling to recieve abundance? Open your being to recieving the abundance of the planet that is your birthright.

Heartfelt Gratitude

Are you looking to experience heartfelt gratitude? Do you struggle sinking into the worlds wonder? This clearing is all about clearing up blocks that inhibit our full appreciation of what this world has to offer, and distorted energy that has added to our fear, discouragement, and lack of passion. In truth we are divine beings. Our purpose and core is love. Join Bonnie Serratore in clearing negative energy that has confused and warped your view of a loving and orderly Universe. Find your positivity and enter a new era of love.

Money and Abundance

Are you struggling with financial woes? Does debt, lack, or stressful money habits weigh you down? Heal your relationship with money with Bonnie Serratore.

Present Your Gifts

Step into your gifts fully! Start playing big by claiming, owning, and sharing your unique superpowers.


Bonnie Serratore brilliantly guides you through welcoming yourself in all ways and breaking through limitations and barriers that are keeping you stuck.

When our financial health is not being cultivated or tended to, our entire world suffers. Money shapes our world and experiences – our home, our clothing, our education, our travel opportunities, and our ability to provide largely depends on this energy. Poverty, debt, destitution, and collapse is the stuff of conflict, war, and makes up much of our inner world of shame and guilt.

By healing these dynamics within ourselves, our relationships, and our communities, we begin to shift not only ourselves, but the entire planet. Abundance work falls upon an intersection where our self work starts to impact the world around us. Within money dynamics, we discover a window into our self work. We gain new perspective, awareness, and new ways to overcome challenges. By healing these dynamics, we shift the world and lift each other up into our own Heaven on Earth.

Bonnie’s Abundance Package includes four full-length videos on Sharing Your Gifts, Gratitude, Receiving Abundance, and Self-Sabotage. Each video is one hour long and is available for you to watch over and over as you embody and embrace these teachings. Invest in yourself and begin to shift the quality of your financial health.