Welcome to Truth Talk with William Linville and Bonnie Serratore!

William and Bonnie will be teaming up this July to present a monthly paid live show and want you to be there! Every month will bring a new topic and live Q&A where listeners can receive higher-level teachings, activations, transmissions from higher levels, mini energetic clearings, and tools to help you navigate the modern evolving world and its challenges.

In each hour-long show, Bonnie and William will help you step into the truth of who you really are as a Divine Being. Together they will bring their unique wisdom, perspective, and teachings to the topic at hand while helping callers with their real-life problems as we all work together on liberating our planet from duality and conflict. William brings perspectives from the higher levels, and his expansive presence, vibrations of unconditional love, and direct transmissions can help shift you into amazing new levels. As a Master Tracker, Bonnie has been “in the trenches” working towards humanity’s liberation for over 30 years. She brings extensive knowledge and teachings from the higher levels, plus experience in navigating the healing of humanity, delivering messages with sincerity, compassion, and humor.

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