Obesity Series: Clearing Cultural and Societal Judgments and Biases


The Small Group Energy Clearing on Cultural & Societal Biases and Judgements, led by Certified Accelerator Saroja (Rosie) Nimaggadda, is an enlightening part of her three-part series on obesity. Saroja (Rosie) will address the deeply ingrained beauty standards arbitrarily set by a predominant culture which creates a pervasive sense of guilt and shame for individuals whose bodies don’t conform to these narrow ideals. The pressure to conform to these standards can leave deep emotional and psychological scars for those whose bodies are bigger, making it challenging for them to appreciate their inherent beauty and worth.

Saroja (Rosie) will release these energetic shackles, empowering you to live free in your body, regardless of size. Shed the weight of societal expectations and move into a state of self-acceptance, breaking free from the confines of externally imposed beauty standards. This clearing aims to help you reclaim your sense of worth and celebrate your body as it is.

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