Obesity Series: Clearing Body Dysmorphia


The Small Group Energy Clearing on Clearing Body Dysmorphia led by Certified Accelerator Saroja (Rosie) Nimaggadda is an essential part of her three-part series on obesity. She addresses the distorted views of physical appearance that often develop when our bodies do not fit our culture’s narrow beauty standards. Constant exposure to unrealistic ideals can lead to body dysmorphia, where individuals see their bodies in a highly critical and often inaccurate light. This can result in long-held emotional pain, impacting self-esteem and overall well-being.


Saroja (Rosie) will release these deep-seated emotional burdens, allowing participants to see their bodies through a lens of compassion and acceptance. Let go of negative self-perceptions, embrace the inherent beauty that your body possesses, and reconnect with and appreciate your true self.

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