Father’s Package

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This package includes 6 clearings:
Absent Father,
Care taking Our Father,
Father Energy Clearing,
Father’s Lineage,
Struggles w Dad,
The Hero Dad

Absent Fathers

Did your father never fully show up for you? This painful societal memory of male abandonment penetrates through our psyches and into our hearts. Release this energy from your body, soul imprint, DNA, and life stream, to help heal this pattern of male abandonment from within yourself, with Bonnie Serratore.

Caretaking our Fathers

Did your father never fully show up for you?  Did your dad let you down? Are you caretaking your father? Are you ready to let go of your resentment? If your father was abusive, neglectful, if you perceive your father as weak, if he was overpowered by his wife, just couldn’t stand up for himself, or in whatever way presented himself as pathetic to you, there will be energy in your body that we can clear out from that experience. We all want our dads to be our own superhero. What if he couldn’t be that? Set you and your dad free, and stop feeling bad for dad, during our group clearing on Caretaking Our Fathers.

Father Energy Clearing

Join us and clear out shock, traumas, and other energies that have been passed down from your father to you.

Father's Lineage

What did you inherit from your father? How does he impact your DNA? Clear out this energy from your physical body with Bonnie Serratore.

Struggles with Dad

When you think of Dad, how does it feel? Are you filled with joy, happiness and peace? Most everyone has dad issues. These issues interfere in all of your relationships whether you know it or not. Unravel the limiting debilitating struggles with your father and open your heart to deeper connections in all your relationships.

The Hero Dad

For most of us, our Father is our first male role model in life. “Hero” implies the dynamic of the savior, the one who swoops in and saves us from the external world, or even from ourselves. The idea of having a hero to save you sets up a system of dependence and victimization. Sometimes, we make contracts with our fathers to adopt these codependent roles. We become dependent on our “Hero Dad” to come to our rescue when we are in trouble, so we begin to create a cycle of turmoil to show him how much we need him. These cycles of dependence can play out in many areas of our lives. You may be acting out this same dynamic in your own interpersonal relationships with friends or beloveds, allowing others to save you or acting as savior to someone else. You may have set up a cycle of financial stress and hardship that cause you to have to go back to your family for assistance again and again. When we transcend these roles we have agreed to, we begin to rely on and trust ourselves more, and we begin to see our dad for the flawed but perfect Creator Being he truly is. This allows for a more honest and authentic relationship, for both our fathers and ourselves!


When we are growing up, most of us view our parents as our version of “God.” Our parents serve as our moral compass, we look to them as an example. Sometimes we can idolize or put them on a pedestal, becoming bitter or disappointed if they let us down. We inherit DNA from our fathers, but we also inherit their patterns, energetic influences and beliefs. Even if you have enjoyed a healthy relationship with your father, there can still be influences or genetic programs that are not serving your highest good. By clearing our relationship with Father, we begin to shift the way we see our relationships, helping heal our outer world and helping to reconcile the inner masculine/feminine relationship within our own Being.


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