Relationship problem

Hi Bonnie,

my biggest problem in life is that I am very much in love with a man (his name is Arne) and although we’ve been dating since about 6 years and I believe he has feelings for me as well, he just doesn’t want to fully commit to me for some reason. He always told me that he has issues and is not capable of having a relationship, nevertheless he’s started a relationship with another woman at some point (her name is Anna) who I think is not very attractive and also he told me he actually only likes her as a friend. We’ve been meeting each other throughout all the time anyway and always had the most wonderful time together, sometimes he stayed with me for a couple of days, one time even for two months… he seems really happy and comfortable when he’s with me, also gets very emotional at times and told me couple of times that he loves me, yet he always keeps going back to her even though he says they’re fighting a lot and it’s only like a friendship for him, but they’re officially a couple! I just don’t understand why he doesn’t want me and I cannot be his girlfriend!! I am really suffering a lot from this and have done all I can to make this relationship work for years, but he’s always drawing back… why???

Best regards, Magdalena

I can send you pics of us if you want…