Marriage life issues

I’ve got your reference from one my spiritual friend Rya Jacob. She has got energy cleaning from you recently. She recommended for me that I can get the resolution of my ongoing life problem. I’m having a trouble with my married life.
I recently got married a couple of months ago. It had happened after lot many efforts that I performed through various spiritual modalities.
Unfortunately, there is no happiness in this relationship. Too much dark energy at home. There is a man dominance and my husband agression is very high. I’m staying in a joint family and my husband mother and brother created lots of issues. Specially my husband’s brother is betraying him financially. His brother has control the home and rulling the home. There is no spiritual and harmony at home. In fact I feel I lost my spiritual energy and modalities as well. Pls advise me, I would like to come out of this dark energy


  1. Rishu Post author

    Hi, hope my question has been received and acknowledge. Please let me know when can I accept the answer of my query.
    Thank you